Wedding officiant to the community!
Wedding officiant to the community!

In the summer of 2014, sitting on a patio drinking an ice cold beer, I was asked by a young woman at the next table if I knew of anyone who would perform non-religious wedding ceremonies. She was adamant that God not be mentioned. It was unbearable to this woman that she had to ask “the church” to oversee her wedding vows. I could not help her. Instead, it was she who inspired me.

The LGBTQ2S communities have long been vilified and rejected by the mainstream churches, legal system and governments. It can seem unbearable that we have to ask for their “blessing” to honour and celebrate the love for which they have rejected us.

In Ontario, the rules are strict: a justice of the peace or a city clerk in a small town can perform ceremonies, but otherwise, it seemed you had to use a minister, priest or other clergy member. Even the Wiccan Church of Canada does not perform legal wedding ceremonies.

It took a while, but I am both pleased and deeply honoured to say, I am an officially licensed wedding officiant here in Toronto, Canada. I teamed up with the alternative All Seasons Weddings and became a wedding officiant. Because if I ever get asked that question again, I want to be able to offer a great answer.

And then there’s this funny video about gay weddings…